Cookie PRINTED traditional jointed 7 inch mohair teddy bear sewing pattern by Barbara-Ann Bears

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Cookie is a sweet, little, old-fashioned Barbara-Ann Bear, Cookie is about 7 inches/ 18 cm tall, he has been designed to suit both beginners and experienced teddy bear makers.

Cookie is one of our smallest teddy bear patterns, it makes a bear that is quite traditional and small enough to sit in your hand. 

We've used this pattern twice so far, once in very short mohair and then in crushed velvet, we think he suits mohairs between 4 and 15mm best. Cookie is an old style, traditional bear and he's fairly easy to make even for a beginner. The pieces fit together easily, there are no darts and no need to gather pieces in order to make them fit. He's a bear you can make in a comfortable chair while watching TV and suitable for sewing by hand or by machine if you are proficient.

The pattern includes all the instructions you need to make your bear with lots diagrams for the more difficult parts, we have made the instructions particularly detailed to make it easier for beginners, it's a comfortable size to work on, not too big and not too small. The pattern is on one sheet of A4 paper and is full sized.

To make your Cookie you will need;
1/16th metre of mohair, crushed velvet, denim or another material,
paw pad material, like wool felt or velvet
a pair of 7-8mm black glass eyes (or boot buttons)
thread for the nose and mouth, such as Anchor or DMC perle
50g Polyester stuffing
80g glass beads
some extra strong button thread
a long dollmaker’s needle
a size 18 darner’s needle
3 x 20 mm and 2 x 16 mm joints.
You will need your own sharp scissors, a marker pen, thread for tacking and some pins.

Please note that the completed bear is not a toy and is unsuitable for children under the age of 14, it is a collector's bear.

The pattern and instructions are solely for private use, commercial use of this pattern is prohibited under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (c. 48) without the written permission of Barbara-Ann Bears, © 2006-2017 all rights reserved