Fosdyke 14 inch Traditional Mohair Teddy Bear Kit by Make A Teddy (new for winter 2023)

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Fosdyke Traditional Mohair Heirloom Teddy Bear Kit. A jointed teddy bear kit suitable for a beginner by Make A Teddy to make a 14 inch (35 cm) teddy bear.

Fosdyke is a classical traditional teddy bear, he's quite easy to make and beginners have made him quite successfully. He has the traditional shape of the early teddy bears, designed to be made and saved and passed down the generations, and as you will have made him yourself he'll be extra special.

We have created this kit with everything you need including the stuffing and pellets, you just need scissors and a few things you will have at home. 

The instructions are thorough but we are on hand for extra support by phone. Fosdyke has beautiful golden German mohair, German wool felt pads and genuine Victorian boot button eyes.

Barbara has drawn out the pattern on the mohair but the paper pattern included is reusable. Barbara also prepares the paw pads for you, she uses a layer of white felt to give them extra strength and the outer layer is the proper beige paw colour, it makes is easier to put them in the correct way round too. 

This kit is nicely packaged ready for Birthdays or Christmas and we can put in one of our own gift tags and a Birthday or Christmas card from our own drawings for free if you ask us to.

The kit contains:

German Mohair, with the pattern drawn on it
Full sized pattern and detailed instructions
4 x 35mm and one 45 mm joint
Genuine vintage boot button eyes
1 skein DMC soft cotton nose thread
Prepared double layer wool felt paw pads
Extra strong button thread
Needles for sewing the nose and putting in the eyes
Includes stuffing and plastic pellets