Golden Corn 9 mm gold teddy bear Steiff Schulte mohair by Make A Teddy

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Golden Corn 9 mm quite sparse, straight pile, Steiff Schulte mohair for teddy bears with a bright gold pile and pale tan backing

This has a short, straight, fairy sparse yellowy-gold pile and a soft tan backing that's the colour of cornflakes . It's a great colour for smaller traditional teddy bears, or larger bears that you want to look old and loved, you can see in the photos bears we have made using our Francis and Jimmy Grimble patterns. We know several teddy bear makers who use this mohair to make teddy bears with a really aged distressed feel, maybe because it's such a good 'teddy bear gold' it's a good starting point for making a bear look old.

This mohair would work well for some of our small bear patterns, such as FrancisMakepeace, BertieHankFrederickBig DibleyGriffithsLittle DigbyDJ and Alfred Albert

 Use the drop down menu to select the quantity you need available in 1/8th 1/4 and 1/2 metre pieces, if we are out of stock or you need more than we have available please contact us, thank you.