Jimmy Grimble Mohair 9 inch Teddy Bear Kit by Make A Teddy

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Jimmy Grimble Mohair Teddy Bear Kit. A jointed teddy bear kit by Make A Teddy to make a 9 inch/23 cm teddy bear.

We have created this kit with everything you need apart from scissors and a few things you will have at home. The instructions are thorough but we are on hand for extra support by phone. The Jimmy Grimble kit has lovely teddy gold German mohair, we have drawn the pattern out on the mohair so you don't have to worry about not having enough or fitting it on. He has polyester stuffing and some glass beads to add weight and a little squidgyness.  This kit is nicely boxed so you can give it as a gift, and we can put in one of our own gift tags and a Birthday card or Christmas card from our own drawings for free if you ask us to.

Please note that this kit makes an adult collectible (ornament) and should not be used to make a child's toy.

Contents List
Reusable Jimmy Grimble Pattern and Instructions mohair with pattern drawn out
Double layer wool felt with paw pads drawn out and sewn
1 pair of 7 or 8mm boot buttons for eyes
Long dollmaker’s needle for inserting eyes
DMC perle thread for the nose and mouth
Darner’s needle for sewing the nose and mouth
2 x 20 mm, 2 x 25 mm and 1 x 30 mm plastic safety joints (that make limbs move)
200g uncarded polyester stuffing
120g glass beads Extra strong button thread

You need
Card to make copy of pattern(eg. cereal packet)
Scissors for cutting card and felt
Sharp pair of needlework scissors
Sewing needle
Sewing thread to match fabric
Stuffing sticks (eg. wooden spoon handle, chopstick)