Teddy Bear Kits for making Teddy Bears by Make A Teddy

These are the teddy bear kits ready to send. There are teddy bear kits for small and medium traditional teddy bears.
The kits come with full illustrated instructions, a pattern you can use to make more teddy bears. We have drawn the pattern on the mohair for you and sewn double layer felt paw pads, you just have to cut them out, sew and stuff them. We include the joints to make the head and limbs move, eyes and nose thread, together with strong thread for the seams and eyes, and long needles for inserting the eyes and sewing the nose. We enclose stuffing and pellets unless you order a kit without them or ask us not to include them (you may have lots at home already) 
You can also ask us to make up a kit from any of our patterns and mohair and tell us to add extra things into a kit or take out the things you already have. 

Please note that because of the materials used and the risk of choking, teddy bears made from our kits should not be given to children under 14.