Slim Tim Tittlemouse 11 inch Mohair Teddy Bear Kit by Make A Teddy

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Slim Tim Tittlemouse Traditional Mohair Heirloom Teddy Bear Kit. A jointed teddy bear kit by Make A Teddy to make a 11 inch (28 cm) teddy bear.

This traditional mohair jointed teddy bear kit is for Slim Tim Tittlemouse, a tatty, antique looking style bear , 11”/28 cm approx, for someone who has some sewing experience.

Inspired by the V&A’s Little Tommy Tittlemouse, seen on The Secrets of the Museum, I designed Slim Tim Tittlemouse to look like his well- loved, then sadly left on the shelf for decades, distant cousin. Slim Tim Tittlemouse uses ‘aged’ vintage looking sparse mohair…I attacked it with hair clippers… He has genuine Victorian boot button eyes.

You will easily make him look old and well loved simply using teabags, a water soluble soft sketching pencil, some dodgy ‘ mummy repair’ stitching, along with a half sewn on ear, nose and claws. The use of little glass beads and only partially stuffing with polyester add to the tired, saggy, sad, a teddy in need of some lovin’ look.

The pattern is reusable and has detailed instructions and diagrams .

The kit includes , mohair with the pattern drawn out ready for cutting out, DMC black perle thread with a darning/ doll maker’s needle for embroidering the nose and mouth and inserting the eyes, plastic joints, polyester stuffing, glass beads and extra strong thread. A small sketchers soft water soluble pencil.

I have created this kit with everything you need apart from sharp needlework scissors and a few things you will have at home…, card, scissors for cutting card/paper, sewing needle , thread and pins, a thin knitting needle or awl for making holes, a chopstick or similar for a stuffing tool…three teabags! .

There's a list below of what is included and excluded.

This pattern can be reused . I can supply you with fabrics and other bits and pieces you need , such as eyes, joints etc in a bespoke top up kit. Just ask.

The instructions include our phone number and email address for extra support.

This kit is nicely boxed perfect for a gift and we can put in one of our own gift tags and a Christmas or Birthday card from our own drawings for free if you ask us to.

Please note this bear is unsuitable for children under 14 as he isn’t a toy.

Reusable sewing pattern with detailed instructions and diagrams …this includes our phone number and email in case you have any questions…
1/8m “aged” sparse antique gold mohair from with the pattern drawn on ready to cut out.
5 x 25mm plastic joints
100ml glass beads
55g polyester stuffing
7-8mm genuine Victorian boot buttons for eyes
120cm thin black perle nose and claw thread
Extra strong thread
Longer needle for eye insertion and nose embroidery
Soft water soluble sketcher’s pencil

Ordinary sewing needle, pins and matching thread cereal box
Scissors for cutting paper and card Sharp needlework scissors
Chopstick or narrow wooden spoon handle or similar for a stuffing tool
An awl or knitting needle for puncturing holes
3 x English Breakfast Teabags ie bog-standard PG tips or Tetley,not herbal or green! If you’re not local then it’s known as black tea.
A piece of dark, any colour, sewing thread for the ‘mummy repair’